The End of My Outreachy Internship

With great satisfaction I can say that I have at last reached the end of my Outreachy internship with the Oppia Foundation. It was definitely a roller coaster, to say the least. I believe gained more hands-on experience in this short span of three months than I might’ve gained in years and years of studying. […]

My Future Goals

July 14, 2020 When there is so much going on in this world, as someone who has been privileged enough to not have to experience the worse side of that, it would only make sense to use the opportunity to help out those who have. If the thing that drives us, our central motivation, is […]

Project Mid-point Progress

June 30, 2020 I am delighted to say I am now half-way through my first internship! I’m thankful to have learnt a lot through this experience, not only about user studies, but also about management, report writing, graphic designing, and communication. Knowing that I am able to leave a significant contribution to not only on […]

Staying Organised

16 June, 2020 4 weeks into the internship and I’ve already been swamped with work! Not only am I handling the user studies, but I have now taken on other responsibilities, including design, translation, and management. But, I love what I’m doing! It almost feels like I am the mastermind behind a series of plans. […]


2 June, 2020 During the first week of my Outreachy internship, I encountered a couple of obstacles. The aim of the internship was to test the validity of the lessons by asking children from underprivileged backgrounds to play them. Another aim was to test the benefits of facilitation by a student’s educated parent/guardian, to see […]

My Experience Applying to Outreachy

19 May, 2020 Day before yesterday was probably one of the most special days of my life- I had secured my first ever internship. After hearing I made it into Outreachy, I could not have been more relieved yet elated at the same time. All my hard work had finally paid off! But trust me […]

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